The First Day

Jacob’s teacher decided to torture the parents the first day of school today. As we were dropping the kids off, she said “Make sure you pick up the blue note on their desk.” Oh, I know this trick. It is the trick where the teachers leave some kind of note, poem… something to ensure that if you aren’t crying already, you will be before you leave the room. Luckily, I knew better than to read it at school, and saved the tears to flow in the comfort of my own home.

The First Day

I gave you a little wink and smile

As you entered my room today.

For I know how hard it is to leave

And I know your child must stay.

You’ve been with him for six years now

And have been a loving guide.

But now the time has come

To leave him at my side.

Just know that as you drive away

And tears down your cheeks may flow

I’ll love him as I do my own

And help him learn and grow.

For as a parent, I too know

How quickly the years do pass.

Not too long ago it was my turn

To take my child to class.

So please put your mind at ease

And cry those tears no more

For I will love him and take him in

When you leave him at my door.

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  1. says

    Jacob’s such a cutie! Look at that smile.

    Treat yourself to something extra special today. You deserve it. Maybe you should pull out some crayons, take a nap, read a good story and have a delicious, nutritious snack.

    hugs, Jamie

  2. says

    aaaack! Have I mentioned how hormonal I’ve been everything makes me cry? Oh man, that’s a sweet tear-jerker.
    I hope the end of the day comes fast for you.

  3. pat/Mom says

    Well, I have tears in my eyes, too. What a beautiful poem and as a former first grade teacher, I know where she is coming from. I used to get teary just seeing my class for the first time and knowing what a great adventure they were starting. Jacob looks so handsome and “spiffy”. He’s going to do so well and after talking to him last night, I know he is going to have a fantastic year. Love you all. Mom

  4. Lisa says

    So cute–and the poem, my gosh, I can just see oodles of moms with the mascara running after reading that!
    Wait–is he wearing a backpack? First-graders use backpacks? I’m trying to think if I had one way back when, but don’t think we had anything to take home that wouldn’t fit in a little folder…. I do remember however this one kid borrowed a crayon from me and, to my horror, started to eat it. To this day, I’m leery of lending things!!!
    Anyhoo, happy beginning of the school year!!! :)


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