The Olympics have made a big impact in our household over the past two weeks. Today it was with great sadness that we bid farewell to the most memorable (to me anyway) Olympic games of my history. I am not sure if having kids made me more interested, but this was the first Olympic games, as an adult, that I really cared about what was going on. It was so nice to turn on the TV and have a show to watch that we could all enjoy as a family… sitting down each night and cheering on the USA brought a lot of teaching moments for us as well. The kids learned about other countries, about the power of practicing hard to achieve your goals and about sportsmanship. One thing I didn’t realize they had learned was a lesson in patriotism.

This morning I walked into the living room to find all three of them standing completely still, with their hands over their hearts staring at the TV as the USA basketball team accepted their gold medals. They may not know what this gesture means, but I was so proud of them to recognize the moment of reverance and to give the flag the respect it deserves. God bless the USA!

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  1. says

    How beautiful. What a touching moment to witness. I still remember the intensity of emotion I felt as a little girl when I watched a Canadian high jumper excel. My heart was with him every moment. In fact, my heart was so full I didn’t know what to do, so my mom suggested I write him a letter, which I did.

    I’m glad your family had these Olympic moments together. I was sad to see them come to a close and am already looking forward to the next ones.

  2. pat/Mom says

    Wow! How neat. And Ella in her swim suit ready to follow in Michael Phelps’ footsteps. Either that or synchronized swimming.. I like that they learned those people who received the medals set goals and worked hard to achieve them. Great job of using teaching moments. Mom

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