First Day of School… Or Not

It was Wednesday morning. We were all sitting around, finishing up breakfast and the kids were anxiously awaiting their playdates scheduled for the day. Around 9am, the phone rang. It was my good friend Jennifer.

Her: “Hey there… is Kelly going to school today?”

Me: “Ha – very funny.” (Assuming she is just trying to fool me as I knew Friday was the start date.

Her: “Kristen, I’m serious… school started this morning!”

Me: “No way – it starts on Friday!”

Her: “Kristen – I just dropped Ethan off. I’m not kidding… school started today!”

Me: Words came out of my mouth that I can’t write down, I hung up with Jennifer and burst into tears because I feel like I am LOSING MY MIND!

So, Kelly missed her first day of school. I had on the calendar that it was Friday, but apparently it was Wednesday. Kelly’s response to my crying was so sweet. “Mommy, if you keep crying about it it will just make you more sad. Stop crying… its no big deal!”

A friend of mine put it all in perspective. “Look at it this way, Kristen. You get one more day of summer and you will miss all the first day kids crying drama!” True, and we did have a wonderful summer day.

Kelly did start pre-Kindergarten today. She is such a strong girl. She was way excited about going and when she got there she gave me a big hug and kiss and sat right down where she was supposed to. She is so easy going and just does what she needs to.

I’m going to miss her while she is gone, but I think little sister is going to be completely lost. She’s walking around the house this morning like she doesn’t even know what to do with herself!

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  1. says

    Kristen, I’m gonna cry right along with you! My little man is starting pre-Kindergarten soon (we don’t have a date yet but it’s at the beginning of Sept.) and I’m so stressed out! I hope he’s as strong as Kelly, because I certainly am not! So glad you had an extra day with your kids and don’t worry about Ella, she’ll find something to do with herself. :)

  2. pat/Mom says

    What a darling picture of Kelly and of both of the girls. It is Friday and I just talked to Kelly. She loved school and when I asked her what she did, her reply was in part, “Stuff.” She is a sweetheart and you and Nick are doing such a great job!

  3. says

    so she missed the first day of school, but think of all the laughs she’ll have about it (at your expense, of course) when she’s got kids of her own. maybe it will turn into some sort of wacky family tradition you’ll all talk about for generations to come.

    don’t beat yourself up about it – obviously your little sweetheart isn’t too worried about it. and what a sweetheart she is!

  4. Lisa says

    Oh my gosh–that pic of the two of them is just so sweet! (And they’re are so fashionable, too!)
    And I love Kelly’s response to your crying–she is so wise for her years!!! :)


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