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Adopt A Blogger – Round 2

Alright folks… it is that time again. Time for all of you Veteran Bloggers to come out and give a hand to the newest folks on the food blogging block! I know you remember how anxious you felt starting your food blog. You weren’t sure what you wanted to accomplish back then, but you did know that being a part of this great community was an important thing to you! Let’s lend our hands to those just starting out, give them a leg up with our advice and expertise, and help them build some of the best new food blogs out there.

The Rules – because we can’t just let things be all willy-nilly, can we?

First, my goal is to have this be a fairly regular event now that life is somewhat under control. We had an amazing turn out with the first Adopt a Blogger event and I hope it continues! If you were adopted the first time around, consider adopting someone this time around. If you adopted before, you can adopt again. I am limiting the number of potential adoptees to 25 for this round. So, I am looking for 25 newbies and 25 Veteran food bloggers. First come, first serve basis. If you miss it this time around, we’ll get you next time!

  • Newbies – Newbies are food bloggers who have a blog that has been up for a year or less. If you are just starting out, you must have had at least 1 month worth of posting on your blog.
  • Veterans – Anyone who has maintained an active food blog for over 1 year. If you have a blog that is younger than a year old, but feel like you have the whole food blogging thing down and could provide some expertise to someone just starting out, then please feel free to sign up as a veteran.
  • Newbies will commit to writing one post about their Veteran. Veterans will commit to doing the same. Trying a recipe out and posting this on your blog would count as well, as long as you are introducing each other and the blogs.
  • You will each add each other to your respective blogrolls.
  • At the end of the 3 month mentoring time, where the Veteran will help the newbie find their way, I ask that the Veteran write one post linking back to this Adopt-A-Blogger post with a piece of advice for new bloggers. I also ask that the newbies write one post about what they have learned about blogging during the 3 month mentorship. Please note that by three months, I don’t mean that you have to be in constant contact with each other. Just keep in touch with each other for the three months and be available to ask/answer any questions that might pop up. The posts that you write for this piece of the Adopt a Blogger event will be included in a round-up at the end of the 3 month period.
  • If you are interested in participating, please leave a comment on this post indicating if you are a newbie or a veteran. Please make sure you enter your website information in the form as well as an email address. If that information isn’t included, I can’t get a hold of you which means you won’t be able to participate!
  • Once we have reached have reached 25 newbies and 25 veterans, I will carefully match you all up and the adoption will be official!

I am also looking for someone who has design talent to share. If you can design a nifty badge for this event, I have a nice little prize package for you! Email me through my contact form.

I think that is it! I am looking forward to another successful Adopt a Blogger event!

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  1. Sounds fun! I could be a veteran.

    rachels last blog post..Tastebook

  2. Hi Kristen! Please sign me up as a veteran. Thanks! Looking forward to participating. :)

    Sandy Ss last blog post..Savory Avocado Salad

  3. I would love to adopt a Newbie! My blog will be 2 years old in January.

    Diannes last blog post..What’s For Dinner?

  4. Kristen, this is a great idea! I’m a newbie, blogging since March of this year.

    Heidi As last blog post..Angel Food Cake 101

  5. I still qualify as a newbie, so I’d love to be adopted!

  6. Newbie here. Could you change the rules and have 25 veterans adopt me? I need lots of help.

    Peckerwood Gravy Company

  7. Count me in as a veteran…..


    Kates last blog post..Do you B.Y.O.B?

  8. I would love to participate. Always looking for friends and help. I’m a newbie (barely), but I still feel like I just started. I need all the help I can get.

    Also, I’d be happy to attempt a design.

    Abigails last blog post..Starbucks

  9. I love that this exists for Foodies! I belong to BlogWhammy but have been considering starting a similar program for women entrepreneurs. It truly helps to spread the word about all of the great women in this world!

  10. Ok – I’ll put myself out there (ah!). Very exciting idea!

    Please sign me up under ‘to be adopted’, newbie. Thanks.

  11. I started my blog last February, so I’m a newbie. I’d love to be adopted! I missed this last time around, but what a great idea :-)

    Hopies last blog post..Des S’mores !

  12. Hi,
    Id love some help. Im a newbie. Had my blog for a few months on and off. I missed the last round but am super excited for this one!!

    JESSICAs last blog post..Bentos on VegFamily

  13. Hi! I’m a newbie, I’d love to play!

    Oakley at lemonbasil

    Oakley Rhodess last blog post..Peachy Zen Ice Cream

  14. I hate to call myself a ‘veteran’, but I’d like to get involved.

  15. I’m a newbie – I started my blog in July. I would love to be adopted!

    Judys last blog post..Past and Present TWD

  16. I don’t qualify having not had my blog for a month yet, but i will definitely stick around and wait till the next one comes along… this is a fantastic idea, it is terrifying starting out and any help is much appreciated!

    Nicolas last blog post..Macaroni Cheese

  17. what a cute idea! i’d be considered a newbie.

    Lans last blog post..Taste & Create: sausage/squash pasta

  18. I would love to be adopted – I still qualify as a newbie (barely) but definitely feel like I have a lot to learn.

    Sheilas last blog post..Cucumber Salad

  19. I’m a newbie and would love to be adopted. :) Thanks!

    Carmens last blog post..Tomato Tart

  20. Um… I’m a noob. A little mentoring could only help!


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