I was reading an article on BlogHer the other day about how blogging has now become a mainstream activity for women. I certainly believe this. It seems like everytime I turn around I see a new blog pop up somewhere. Especially in the food blog world… there are so many talented women and men contributing to food blogs. I just wish I had the time to sit down and read through them all!

Reading through this study made me start thinking about a couple of thing…

Why do you blog? I know that I blog because it is a way for me to express myself, keep track of my food/recipes and to connect with others. Even though I work from home and have that connection with the outside world, I enjoy the interaction with others I get from my blog. Oh – and I have to add… I love photographing food, and through this medium I can do it without others thinking I am an odd duck 😉

Why do you read blogs? Blogs have now become my number one source for food related information. If I am looking for a recipe, I look at the Food Blog Search first for things tried and true, then turn to other online sites like Recipezaar or My Recipes. I love the food photography on food blogs and the passion that goes into each photo. I love the stories that go along with the food. I love supporting other people who have similar lives as mine with their blogging efforts. On a regular basis, if I stumble through the blogosphere, I can always find a story that makes me laugh, cry and feel. I really enjoy the ideas and tips shared by others in the blogging world as well. There are some very smart people in the world, and they are finally being heard through this great medium!

Would you continue to blog if you did not receive feedback on your blog?
Honestly, one of the great things about blogging is connecting with people, so I probably would lose the interest or motivation to blog if I was just writing for myself. Thank you all for your comments and interaction! It means a lot to me.

If you don’t blog, why is that? When people I know find out that I blog, I almost always hear, “I’ve thought about starting a blog, but I just don’t know what I would write about!” I would venture to guess that most of us who blog aren’t writing about what we originally planned on writing about. Blogs take on a life of their own once you get them started. You get inspired by various places and eventually you have a voice that is taking you to places you wouldn’t have imagined.

    So, those are just some of my random blogging thoughts. I would love to hear your answers, simply because I am curious to find out what is it about blogging that intrigues us all so.

    And, speaking of completely random… here is a simple recipe for a Fruit and Yogurt Breakfast Parfait. Nothing complicated about it or even related to this post about blogging. It is sharing an incredibly simple recipe idea with others through the blogosphere, which is one of my blogging goals. Enjoy!

    Fruit and Yogurt Parfait

    5 minutes total | 5 minutes prep

    SERVES 1

    • 8 ounces low-fat vanilla yogurt, divided
    • ½ cup mixture of fresh raspberries and fresh blueberries
    • 1 cup granola cereal with raisins, divided
    1. Place 1/3 cup of granola in a parfait glass.
    2. Layer half of the fresh fruit mixture on top of the granola.
    3. Layer half of the granola cereal with raisins on top of the fruit
    4. Repeat layers, leaving some fresh fruit to place on top as garnish

    So, you love a good parfait? Check out the different versions these food bloggers share with us:

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    1. says

      I have this for breakfast every weekday…except I use Fiber One! Really, it’s good until it gets stale…they it does taste a bit like slightly sweet cardboard!

    2. says

      I started my blog with the intent to write for one year, as a kind of warm-up exercise to the magazine articles I write, but at the end of the year I found that there was more I wanted to say, and photos I wanted to reshoot, and so I embarked on year two. Now I’m into year three, and the blog has become a living, breathing “member of the family” — and I’m already thinking about year four!

    3. says

      Thank you so much for the shout-out!

      I think I blog because I sometimes struggle to get my thoughts out in person… blogging is a way for me also to get my thoughts and daily news out to my family, who live away from me.

      I read blogs because I love hearing about other people’s lives and especially their food! I feel like I’ve learned a ton about how people eat from all the wonderful foodblogs out there. And I really fall in love with everyone’s blogs, and want to make sure they are having a good time, and eating well!

    4. says

      I agree. I love the stories that go along with recipes or photos. It’s much more homey, plus with all the bloggers out there I feel like I have tons of friends I didn’t even know existed.

      Thanks for including my recipe in the round up!

    5. says

      It’s a great way to connect with people who shere the same visions. It’s also great entertainment. For me it is a great way to document the journey I am on as far as putting in a vineyard and winery.

    6. says

      I’ll just say ditto. I originally started blogging just for myself – to keep track of the recipes I’d made, but the support and the “friends” I’ve made are what keep the passion burning!

    7. says

      I simply loved this parfait suggestion.

      Very refreshing and not so caloric that I would feel guilty :)

      Congratulations on your blog, it’s really cool!

    8. says

      I too use blogging as a way of recording my recipes and ideas. Of course, it’s also great to get feedback. I find the photography part a bit frustrating because I’m not terribly good at it, but I love seeing the ways in which other people have successfully managed to capture their creations. Parfait for breakfast? Perfect! :)

    9. says

      I started my blog to try and force a bit of variety into my cooking and it has done that, but it has also introduced me to a lot of good friends.

      I think it would be hard to be as motivated without the great feedback we get. It really inspires you to keep going, doesn’t it?

      I am with you on finding inspriation on other blogs, I constantly have recipes and ideas whirling through my head and that is mostly from other blogs. I don’t look at my cookbooks so much any more!

      I love your blog Kristen! You alys have great ideas.

    10. Lisa :) says

      Great post!
      I’m not sure what my answers are to these questions just yet… probably because my blog has been sadly neglected lately (hence reluctance to share its link, and since it’s not a food blog, I don’t want to disappoint your readers; they’d probably wonder, “Where’s the food?!”).
      I do know that, for me, it’s a nifty outlet for creativity, for when the writing bug strikes (which seems to happen when I’m away from the computer!).
      I often wonder just how many creative people out there would have not otherwise been creating things (artwork, articles, photos, new food!).
      Blogging seems to have become another artistic medium that really has allowed many people to grow their creativity, and to flourish in that, too.
      Just look at your blog, and how one thing has led to another! :)

    11. says

      I’m relatively new to blogging–began in May and have had a few stumbling blocks (my mom and cousin died within 3 weeks of one another). I’m a retired school administrator who, at heart, is a foodie. I so wish I had gone to culinary school, but know it would have been a difficult life. I do take classes at the CIA whenever possible. I have a good-sized cookbook collection, but have become fascinated with blogs. I’m envious of all the comments I see on your blog and on those you’ve listed as favorites. Any tips on how to get people to comment?

    12. says

      Very interesting. I think I started blogging because I want to write. I didn’t originally think it would be mostly about food. But I love getting feedback and talking with others who share a foodie passion.

    13. says

      As always, great post, great work. I just did a summer fruit with cream parfait with simple syrup. If you have the time come by and take a look. I made a quick cream with whipping cream, sour cream and honey.

      Thanks so much and thanks for the great ideas all the time!


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