Introducing “I Will Make This… Someday!”

I freecycled my huge stack of magazines and decided to create a post to document the recipes from those magazines that I hope to eventually make. I will be marking these off and adding to it each month as new magazines come. May I please introduce – “I Will Make This….Someday”, Magazine Version.

List is after the jump.







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    Good for you! I’m quite envious – I have stacks of Cooking Light issues from years ago. I certainly need to do some house cleaning and come up with a definitive ‘to make” list. Ahh, you must feel liberated! :)

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    I ended up taking all of my food magazines and cutting out the recipes I liked and pasting them into a cookbook. But, now I’m running into problems with having way too many recipes to try in my cookbooks and in my google reader. I guess it’s not a real problem. But, it does feel a bit like a “to do” list.

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    That is quite the list Kristen! It must have taken you ages to make it up, and with the links too! A lot of these are going on my list too, thank you very much. 😉

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    What a great idea! More and more I’ve been passing my magazines along to friends when I’m finished, rather than tearing pages out with recipes I mean to make but rarely get around to cooking. Also, with most magazine recipes available online, I can find them easily without stockpiling the magazines.

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    Wow…that IS quite the list.

    I stopped doing so many magazines for that very reason – too many magazines piling up with too many recipes that would never get made (mostly because I would end up forgetting about them as the recipe would get lost in the stack).

    Now I keep all of my “must-try” recipes on my computer in a Word file, complete with photos (if available) and any thoughts I’ve notated right alongside them–why they appeal to me, what guests might like to try them, dietary restrictions,etc.

    In fact, I have different files for different recipes and I organize them much in the same way you have (by category), but I also tend to go a step further and rank them on a scale of 1-5 in order of interest (5 is a “I must try this NOW” ranking).

    If I didn’t enjoying cooking so much, I’d probably consider recipe hoarding behavior weird. As it is, I consider it completely normal now understand why people require enormous hard drives or what I like to call, black holes. Yes…even those mega-gig hard drives can quickly get filled!

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    Oh my goodness! What a list! This would take a while even it you do one a day. I have a box with recipes I want to do… I need to start cooking more!

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    Ohhhh…I have lists. I use the recipe boxes that so many site offer and I save and save and save. I go through my magazines and look the recipes up online and add them to the recipe box. I save a lot of paper this way…I can’t even imagine the paper mess I would have if I printed out every single recipe I wanted to try.
    I can’t wait to oogle and try the recipes you have listed here!!

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    Count me in as another with a long list of recipes to make … mine are in two full filing cabinet drawers, and three plastic tubs (those are the ones that need to be filed). I could probably make 10 new recipes every day and still not get through them…


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