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Sandie and I

I had a most wonderful evening last night. Sandie, over at one of my favorite food blogs, Inn Cuisine, and I finally met. Sandie and I are both from the Kansas City area and we have been chatting on the phone for the past couple of months. We have been talking about getting together for awhile now and it was Sandie who planted the thought that we should go to the Harvesters Forks and Corks benefit event in downtown Kansas City together. A couple of food obsessed food bloggers meeting at a food and wine event? It sounded like a perfect idea to me!

Last night when we met, I seriously felt like I had known her forever. Sandie, her mother-in-law (who happens to be one of the sweetest and coolest MIL’s I’ve met), and I were in complete euphoria as we went from booth to booth tasting some of the most amazing food and wine from the finest establishments in the Kansas City area. From a delicious sweet corn and crab bisque, to some amazing scallops, to a most interesting basil chardonnay sorbet, we enjoyed a night of gorging ourselves for charity. Tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.

What I enjoyed the most about our time together, besides the instant friendship, was being with other people who have such a great appreciation for food. People who take a bite of things and explore the flavors of each morsel they taste. I have no idea how much food we ate and how much wine we sampled, but I do know that by the end of the evening, and well into today, I was still feeling completely stuffed. We felt a bit guilty eating so much when we were at a charity even to raise money for the hungry, but we couldn’t resist all of the incredible food.

One lesson we did learn… always eat dessert first. By the time the hours had passed and we made it around the Grand Ballroom, the one thing we were on a hunt for was gone. The famous Creme Brulee, that we heard everyone raving about, had been snatched up by all of the other attendees. Don’t feel too sorry for us… we managed to have plenty of other desserts. So many that it was impossible for us to try them all. It is my goal in the next few months to try and recreate the Carrot Cake Roll that I tried. Oh…My… Gosh! Delicious!

Thank you Sandie and Linda for such an enjoyable evening. I look forward to having a new foodie friend and to our Forks and Corks outing being an annual event! Next time we’ll remember to go for the dessert first!

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  1. says

    Harvesters 2008 Forks & Corks benefit was the most enjoyable, dazzling and tummy-filling fund raiser I’ve ever attended! I know we were helping to raise money for charity, but you’re right. It was absolutely impossible not to feel a bit guilty for enjoying so much of the wonderful food & wine that was provided.

    I read your post to my mother-in-law who says, “Oh Kristen’s such a sweetheart,” and you are. It was fantastic to experience such an instant connection and bond with you, and I couldn’t imagine a more enjoyable, comfortable evening. I know Linda feels the same way.

    Be sure to set aside the date for next year’s event–we should definitely plan on attending Forks & Corks in 2009!

  2. says

    That sounds like such a great event. It must be really fun to hang out with people with the same interest in food, and to sample so many goodies!

  3. Lisa says

    I’m drooling over those oh-so-yummy-looking desserts…. :)
    That event sure sounds fun (yay, it was for a good cause, too!), and am happy you got to meet up with another blogger in real life! :)
    You look great, btw! You take such great pictures, behind the camera as well as being in front of the camera! :)

  4. says

    thanks for stopping by. OMG your site is awesome! I’m bookmarking it! Love the food pics. I love eating out and taking pictures of my food when I do(much to my husband’s chagrin lol). What a perfect time, good company and good food!

  5. says

    Hi Kristen, thanks for visiting my blog today. I wanted to comment on your pie crust post. I had to chuckle because I too have issues with crusts. Mine always turn too dark before the pie is done. I’ve done the tin foil edge trick, I even have already made pie crust covers. It doesn’t matter, they slide off and still burn. It doesn’t matter if I put them on right when I put them in the oven or the last 20 minutes. Anyone know a secret I don’t know? hahaha


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