A Little Friend



I have had a little friend helping me with my work today. Yes…Mr Ladybug (aren’t they misters if they are this yellow color?) decided that he wants to be a recruiter, so he has been spending the day on my computer, determined to learn everything he can about the industry so he too someday can be in this profession.

Why, do you ask, am I allowing him to hang out on my computer? Well… the answer is easy. Kelly had an absolute meltdown of a fit when I was going to take him outside "to be with his family". "But, I think he wants to be part of our family Mommy… please can he stay?" 

Being the sucker for those cute blue eyes and a passionate heart, I am now working away with a ladybug hanging out on my computer.  

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  1. Kennedy says

    That is so cool!! It is hard to say no to those cute little eyes. I think it is a boy if it is yellow… I love ladybugs!!!

  2. Lisa : ) says

    Aw, how sweet!
    For the past few years, we’ve had an influx of orange ones that we call "hussy bugs." They are rather rude (one had bitten my mom!), which led us to believe they aren’t ladies, so, hence the name! :)
    I do love ladybugs, though! They are supposed to be signs of good luck! :)
    Do they still have the ladybug family on Sesame Street? I think they lived in a windowsill at Bert & Ernie’s place. I loved them!

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