A Flood of Memories



One of my fondest memories from growing up was the whole process of choosing and decorating the Christmas tree. If my memory serves me correctly, we would always go out to a Christmas tree farm. I vaguely remember my sister Kathy always getting the final say on which Christmas tree we got to bring home. She had very specific requirements. I was more interested in hanging out in the tree farm kiddie house and drinking hot chocolate. Even then, I was not fond of the cold weather. I always wanted to get the poor, lonely Charlie Brown trees anyway so it was probably better that Kathy got to take the lead on that.

DSC_0007-1.jpgThe first house that I lived in growing up was what we refer to now as the house on 30th Drive. I lived there from birth until we moved when I was in 2nd grade. I have very strong memories of the Christmas season at that house. I don’t know why my memories were stronger there than any of the other houses we lived in, but when it comes to Christmas, the moments spent at that house are vivid in my mind.

Tonight, as we were putting up the tree, Kelly begged to put the star up on the top. We don’t use a star… I haven’t found the perfect star tree topper yet, so for now we use a huge bow. As Nick lifted her up to place the bow on top of the tree, memories flooded back to me of those times on 30th drive. My sister and I would alternate years of who got to put the star on the tree. Being fairly close in age, and now being a mother and assuming that we were both whining "not fair", we usually ended up both putting the star on. One first, then we would take it down, and then dad would lift the other up to put the star on the tree. I’m sure there were times that we spent the evening with dad picking us up to place the star on the tree, yet again.

The magic of the season is upon us, and the memories my kids will someday be sharing are being made. My wish for all is to take time this holiday season to rediscover the magic. If you can’t find the magic anywhere, just look through the eyes of a child… we are never to old to make memories magical. 

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  1. Kathy says

    Kris, that is exactly how I remember it too. I still get the last word on the Christmas tree, and the requirements are the same–I can’t be able to touch the top or reach around it with my arms. Those 30th Drive Christmases were awesome–remember the luminarios?

  2. Lisa : ) says

    Omigosh–I love the pics–esp. the one of the girls looking at the tree!!! So precious (and your photography is so good!!!)!
    This post reminds me of my sister and myself when we were little…happy, magical times indeed! :)

  3. says

    I LOVE these pictures. They are just precious! My mom and I always put up the trees together the weekend after Thanksgiving. However, this year, somehow we were both not really up to it…had been out all day…so we just got the trees out and set up. I guess they’ll be done when I go home. We have a crocheted angel that goes on top of our "homey" tree…I always ask to put it up!

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