I love having little girls. Not that I don’t enjoy having a little boy as well, but little girls are special in their own way. I love dressing them up. I love watching them interact with each other… loving one minute, pulling hair or yelling at each other the next. Little girls are full of spunk, full of drama and full of fun!

With Nick being gone the majority of the past three weeks in New York, we decided to just veg out most of this Labor Day weekend and get things done around the house. Today, we decided to soak up some of the great weather we have been having and we headed to Shawnee Mission Park for some football throwing, photo ops, and exploring. The sunlight was all wrong for great photos of the kids, but I did capture a couple that I am sure I will be framing or putting into an album at some point.  This particular photo is of Kelly comforting Ella after Ella started to fuss some. After this sweet moment, Kelly turned around to look at something and Ella yanked at her hair causing Kelly to scream and start crying. The sweetness lasted for a brief moment…good thing I caught it on camera while it lasted!

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  1. says

    What a precious photo!! And a nice, relaxing weekend it sounds like.

    They are such beautiful little girls – they will likely cause you LOTS of grief some day, but you’ll love them anyway. :)

  2. Lisa : ) says

    Great pic! You take such great photos! I wonder if I ever pulled my sister’s hair…I’ll have to ask her! :)
    (Surely I didn’t; I am "the sweet one" after all! She might disagree about that, but we won’t ask her! Hehe!)

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