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My Baby



For some reason it is really hitting me today that Ella is a toddler. She is no longer my little infant baby. She’s walking all over the place, full of joy and laughter, and she now has an attitude to match her sister’s. I wish they could stay this little forever. I am trying to treasure every moment though because it is going by so fast.

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  1. What a beautiful picture! You two look a lot alike and are both true, refined beauties! They do grow up quickly, huh?

    P.S. LOVE your hair!

  2. This is a WONDERFUL picture! I think Ella looks like you. And I LOVE you haircut!

  3. That is a great shot. No matter what we do, they grow, change, evolve, lose their baby teeth, sprout whiskers, get hairy and eventually look you in the eye and answer the phone sounding like a bullfrog.

    Well….at least MINE did that!

    You two are so beautiful. That Ella is adorable. I would love her up like mad.

  4. I agree…Ella looks like you and you both are beautiful. Kelly also looks like you and she is beautiful, too. You and Nick do good work. I like your haircut, too, and both of your smiles. You make me proud. See you in October..don’t let her grow up too fast.

  5. Love your new hairdo and love that little Ella–she is just so adorable!!!

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