Growing Up



I didn’t think that Jacob going to Kindergarten this year was going to bother me. I really thought that I would deal with it fine and that it would happen without much emotion from me. Then, I walked into Jacob’s bedroom at bedtime last night and he was clutching his purple blanket and his stuffed dog, Talktus, tightly and sobbing quietly. I sat down beside him and asked him what was wrong. He said that daddy told him that Kindergarteners don’t have blankets so when he got to kindergarten he shouldn’t have to sleep with his blanket any longer. He then looked up at me, with big tears in his eyes, and said "Mommy…if I can’t have my blanket, I don’t want to grow up very badly." It just broke my heart. I, of course, told him he could keep his blanket for as long as he needed it and that he did not by any means have to stop sleeping with it in Kindergarten. Then, we came down to have a talk with Daddy, who totally didn’t mean anything that he said and thought that Jacob knew he was just playing with him.

So yeah…kindergarten isn’t going to be so tough. Yeah, right. This whole growing up thing is going to have me sobbing buckets!

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  1. says

    That is so sweet!! I was talking to a mom I know over dinner back in June and she was already tearing up just TALKING about her oldest going to kindergarten, so you are not alone in being sad about the transition! :)

  2. says

    Ah! Very sweet. Reminds me of when mine were young. You really do have to savour every precious moment.
    Your children are lovely and your photographs say it all.

  3. pat/mom says

    When you went away to college, the country song "You’ve Had Eighteen Years to Prepare for This", was popular. Everytime I heard it on the radio, I cried…no, sobbed. Kids may grow up , go to Kindergarten or college, but they will always be in your heart.

  4. says

    I love how you use your photos. They look awesome!

    My kids are 10 (girl), 8 (boy) and 5 (boy), and I still miss them tremendously when they begin activities that keep them away from the family for long periods of time (like school, camp, bike riding ’round the neighborhood, visiting neighbor friends on their own, etc.) it is nice to have a break, and some space, but lonely for me.

    Thanks for stopping by, by the way. *grin*


  5. says

    That is so cute! Kids just take things to heart so much – I remember I did when I was little. Best of luck with the transition!!!

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