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Taking Bets

One day Ella looks like she is going to be blonde, the next day her hair looks as red as can be. This photo was taken today… what do you think? Do we have a blondie or a redhead?


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  1. Redhead!!! :)

  2. Looks like a strawberry blonde with a little more strawberry than blonde! I LOVE red hair…she’ll be a cutie!

  3. today it’s definitely strawberry. isn’t crazy how quickly the color of kid’s hair changes. i have to go to a salon and pay big bucks for the color of my hair to change.

  4. Lisa : ) says:

    I think blonde with red highlights (natural highlights!)! :) Or, red with blonde as a base color (pretty much the same as my first guess, huh?). ;)
    Either way, she’s a cutie!

  5. I vote for a pink punk dyejob at age 15. Oh wait, you’re talking natural. I vote strawberry blonde!

  6. I haven’t voted yet because I have no idea. But I will vote for gorgeous. :)

    Just like her mom…

  7. adorable picture, I think she will be a redhead. Yay for her! hope her temper doesn’t match ;-)

  8. How about strawberry blond? My son’s hair tends to be red with blond, and my daughter’s is blond with some red in it. My hair has every color in it, too.

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