Splish Splash


I have faint memories of living in our house on 30th drive and playing in the street after a big rain or after the fire trucks unlocked the hydrants. I remember all the little kids on the block splashing in the water in the gutters and us pretending like the street was a pool. These memories are so faint that I wonder if they are real.

Kellysplashing.jpgWhile Ella took her morning nap, Jacob, Kelly and I went outside. The kids were in their swimsuits and I turned on our sprinkler system. What a blast they had running through the water, jumping over the jets and splashing in the puddles that pooled on the sidewalk. I had my IPod docked and playing my favorite 80’s tunes and I enjoyed the sunshine while soaking up the memories and reading Real Simple magazine. This is exactly what summer means to me! 

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