June 2007 Issue of Gourmet Magazine

Written for Paper Palate on the Well Fed Network I ran into a slight dilemma when I sat down to write my article about the June 2007 issue of Gourmet magazine. I opened up the magazine to find page after page after page torn out. No, my kids did not get a hold of the…

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Smashing Berries

  There is nothing out there that is quite as gratifying to me as smashing, kneading, chopping, beating, etc. the heck out of food. When I am stressed, give me a recipe that calls for doing something inhumane to the ingredients and by the time I have an end product, my stress is gone. This…

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Taking Bets

One day Ella looks like she is going to be blonde, the next day her hair looks as red as can be. This photo was taken today… what do you think? Do we have a blondie or a redhead?