Happy Father’s Day


We have had a full couple of weeks and it is really starting to catch up with everyone in our house. Our weekend was no exception. Filled with parties, baseball games, swimming, cooking, playing, etc. we made the best of the great weather we are having. By this afternoon, everyone was wiped out. Ella fell asleep while she was playing on the floor. Kelly fell asleep while she was laying on the couch watching Ella play on the floor. Daddy and Jacob fell asleep watching a baseball game. I was making a yummy Father’s Day cake so I did not take a nap but you can bet I enjoyed the peace and quiet.

I hope all the dad’s out there got to rest and relax and feel like a King today! Jacob made breakfast for Nick this morning…Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls, a very full PB&J sandwich, and his special recipe…grapes mixed in peanut butter. Mmmmmm…too bad there wasn’t enough for me :) 

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