We found out last night that my father in laws cancer is not as advanced as they had originally thought. The pathology reports and the oncology reports came back clear of lymphoma/Hodgkins Disease. They hope that whatever part of the malignant melanoma was left behind after surgery will be taken care of by the chemo.

Thanks for all the prayers! They have been working! 

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    That is such wonderful news, Kristen. I will definitely continue to keep him in my prayers. Keep us posted!


    P.S. That photo is BEAUTIFUL! Did you take that??

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    Hey Kristen,

    That is amazing news and an answer to prayer in light of what the outcome could have been. I have so far in this life been spared a lot of pain, but this spring lost my grandmother, and I can only say I now understand so much more how loss and tragedy in families really feels.

    Wonderful news!


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