Accomplishments for All

We have had a busy couple of weeks! I went to the lovely city of Louisville, KY last week on a business trip. I had a great time, complete with making my very own glass blown ornament. Nick and my parents were able to handle the kiddos while I was gone. It was a nice break for me to get away for a bit and to have the opportunity to put my professional hat on.

On the day I returned, Jacob graduated from preschool. He is now ready to join the ranks as a Kindergartner. I am torn with this… I am ready for him to be in school, but I am not ready for college to be right around the corner! I know it will be here in a blink of an eye, just like the last 5 years has been.



The very next night, Kelly performed in her first dance recital. OK – your definition of performing and my definition of performing might be slightly different. Kelly got out on stage, looked into the audience and put her hands up over her face. She swayed a tiny bit, but pretty much just stood there like a statue, terrified to death of the hundreds of people she stood before. It was still very cute.


The next day, we celebrated Ella’s first birthday. Her birthday is not actually until the 27th, but we had the party early since I had a lot of family in town.  My friend Sara made her an individual birthday cake. Ella was very dainty about eating it. She slowly started picking off the icing flowers and then she would stick her fingertip into it. Finally, when her brother showed her how it was done, she got down to business and dug right in. She was a mess from head to toe!

As you can tell, we have had a busy couple of weeks and we are very ready to slip into the slower schedule and lazy days of summertime.  


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  1. says

    SOOOO cute! thanks for posting.

    Wow – kindergarten already for Jacob, that’s big. Kelly is cute as a little bug. So funny re: being shy on stage. It happens a lot. :)

    Happy b-day to Ella!

    How great for you to get to go on a solo business trip. Hope all went well.

  2. says

    Oh, Kristen… I can’t believe they are all getting so big! I can’t believe that Ella is about to be ONE! Wow! And Kelly is just the cutest all gussied up in her dancewear! And Jacob graduating from pre-school… you all have been busy! Glad you got to getaway for a bit too. You deserve it! Glad you are home too though! You were missed! xo… :)

  3. says

    Tis the season! All that moving up to the next level.
    They do grow quickly! But with two boys now 33 and 36, it’s also wonderful to be happy with them as adults! I was crazy for them at each age they went through but I can tell you now … this is right and the best! Just take lots of those digitals and write up all the stories!

  4. says

    Wow…Ella is only 7 days younger than my nephew, Fat Elvis (not his real name). Hmmmmm maybe when they’re 25 , we can introduce them…Oh, wait, getting ahead of myself.

    You’re kids are so cute. Yes, they grow up fast but as least they’re growing up with you as a mom.

  5. says

    Oh your kiddos are adorable!! Congratulations to your son on his big day- now onto Kindergarten! (Enjoy it while it lasts- mine is going into 2nd grade next year!)

  6. Lisa : ) says

    Sorry I’m late in reading this! Your kiddos are cute and adorable! Congrats to Jacob for his graduation; he’s getting so big now! I can’t believe Ella is one already! Where has time gone?! Love how cute and sparkly little Kelly is! Dancing or not, she certainly is a little cutie-pie. :)

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