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Shovel it In


If you read my food blog, you’ll see that I had a bit of a pie flop. The pie ended up being salvaged and turned into vanilla cream pie milkshakes. One little chunkin in our family was very pleased with the resulting milkshake and held her mouth wide open until someone would shovel the next bite in for her! The second that bite was swallowed, she’d hold her mouth wide open again until the ice cream would hit her lips. If you weren’t fast enough at getting the food into her mouth, she’d start to inch forward, with her mouth wide open. It seems obvious to me that we have yet another ice cream fan in the family. Nick is so proud!

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  1. Her eyes are SO BLUE! She is a beauty! :)

  2. What a cutie pie…no pun intended!

  3. I think you are starting to convince me that possibly kids are cute and not just loud little munchkins. I hope the other two feel better soon :)

  4. Start them young on that ice cream. She’s adorable. :)

  5. So cute!!!

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