The Shoe Thief

boots.jpgIf you ever come to my house, be forewarned… there’s a shoe thief in the midst. If you couldn’t guess by Kelly’s comment about Santa Claus, my three year old daughter has a thing for shoes. Not just a thing… a serious obsession. She will stop complete strangers on the street and tell them what she thinks of their shoes. She’ll peek under public restroom stalls to comment on the shoes that person is wearing. She definitely has a shoe fetish.

Friends will come over and innocently remove their shoes at the door, only to be ready to leave and find their shoes missing. We always have to track down Kelly and sure enough, their shoes are close by.

Maybe she’ll be the first 3 year old shoe blogger or shoe columnist. She sure has plenty to say about them and for her poor sake, she’s living with a mom who is not into shoes at all. I have my standard cute shoes that get cuter in the summer, but shoes aren’t something I spend my days admiring. It may be because of my size 10 feet and shoes just don’t look as good that big. It may be because I’ve always preferred the clothing side of fashion rather than the shoes.  Either way, her obsession is wasted on me.

I may start a savings fund for her shoes now as well as a therapy fund because I know she’s going to have a hard time dealing with the fact that her mom just isn’t that into shoes. In the meantime, if you hear of any jobs for a three year old to test out shoes, send them our way. I’m sure she’ll do a bang up job!

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  1. says

    You better put away money for a closet fund as well. She has a lifetime of expensive shoes, large closets, and therapy ahead of her!

    That picture is SO adorable :)

  2. says

    I wish I had known. I could’ve sent her 20 pairs of shoes for funsies. I am an addict as well. Keep her away from Nordstroms and Neiman Marcus. Save now, save alot. I’ll be glad to sponsor her in Shoe AA.

  3. says

    I think Kelly is my favorite kid on earth. I LOVE that she LOVES shoes!

    She could be a guest columnist on my column. I’m sure people would love to get honest shoe advice from someone who is apparently so willing to give it!

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