thesnowman.jpgWe have had this conversation before. "Mommy Doesn’t Do Snow." I just don’t like being cold. I don’t like having the bitter winter wind in my face stealing my breath away. I don’t get pleasure out of not being able to feel my toes in my shoes.

This weekend, however, I became sort of a convert. Yes, sort of a convert. I still don’t like snow, but the snow we had this weekend was not like most snows. It came down from the sky in nice large fluffy flakes, coating the ground with a beautiful soft blanket. I can’t remember the last time we had such a perfect snow.It was beautiful. The even better thing was that it wasn’t really that cold outside. It was chilly, but not the bitter cold that usually comes along with a snow storm like this.

When we woke up Sunday morning, my kids immediately started begging to go out and play in the snow. Daddy was home, so they were in luck. You see, Nick grew up in Northeast Iowa. He is used to the type of snows where you have to shovel through your front door to be able to get anywhere. Kansas snow is nothing to him.

I watched from the windows, peeking out to snap a picture or two. I was perfectly content inside when one of my neighbors called, insisting that I come outside and encourage the hood on while they build some snowmen. She convinced me that it wasn’t that cold, so outside I went.

It really was fun. I didn’t "play" in the snow. I simply watched, chatting with the other moms and capturing the Kodak moments as they happened. The dads and kids built what we now lovingly refer to as "Rat", the 8 foot snowman. (I still haven’t figured out how he got that name). They sled up and down the hill about a thousand times. The made snow angels and I even caught some of the kids eating some of the now (I know…the horror!).Kellysled.jpg

We had a wonderful winter day. One that I can probably stand to happen say…once a year. That’s plenty of snow fun for me! I have enjoyed driving through the neighborhoods yesterday and today and seeing all of the snowmen that were born from this lovely day. It seems that everyone got out and enjoyed the winter, snow lovers or not.

Unfortunately, "Rat" met his fate in the middle of the night and toppled over. It was bound to happen, but Kelly had to shed a few tears because "the snowman died Mommy!" 

Peace be with you "Rat", until next year when we meet again. 


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    SO cute and fun! I grew up in Chicago and loved snow, but now that I have been in Arizona for 10 years, I am an inside-the-house or on TV or a movie kind of snow lover. I totally understand how you feel. :)

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