2007 Goals

I posted this info over in my Family Blog, but thought that some of it applied to the culinary side of my life, so thought I’d post it here too. For those of you that read both, sorry for the repetition!

All of the talk this time of year seems to be about New Year’s Resolutions. I keep meaning to sit down and write some out, but I really feel like I need some quiet time to reflect on what I want to come out of this upcoming year. I haven’t had the quiet time, so I thought I’d at least write down what is top of mind for me right now with the caveat that I can change these or add to them later. These are all in addition to the things I’ve been working on over at 43 Things.

Here is my list of my top 10 things I’d like to accomplish:

1) Menu Plan – make a menu plan each pay period and stick with it

2) Budget – Continue using Mvelopes.com and adhere to the budget we’ve created

3) Host a dinner party each month

4) Blog regularly

5) Tackle the Food and Wine 100 Tastes to Try in 2007 challenge

6) Complete the 2007 To Be Read Challenge

7) Take a digital SLR photography class

8) Take one long family vacation to visit Mike and Ginger/ Mike and Melissa in Chicago, go on to Bryon and Stacy in Ohio, then up to Molly in PA

9) Create a Daily Plan / To Do List for each day and do my best to complete what’s on it

10) Start “Flying” again by following the Fly Lady Plan

BONUS – Have regular date nights with my husband, at least on an every other month basis. This may be hard to do with his travel schedule, but I think it needs to be a priority!

I know there are a million other things I should probably add and I may do that down the road, but for the most part I think this list covers most of the main things that I wish to accomplish.

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s looking forward to the future and hoping it is one of the best years yet.


One month ago today I dished about Going Commando 

Over at our family blog, I dished about  Growing Up

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  1. says

    Found your blog through the comment you left on mine (thanks!). I’ve found loads of great stuff already – thanks for the tips on the TBR challenge, Fly Lady, baguettes and Puppy Chow among other things!!

    Good luck with your goals for 2007!

  2. says

    That commando post was too funny! You probably don’t need to take a DSLR specific class…check community education classes for photography!

  3. says

    The Food and Wine Challenge list was, well, interesting. Haven’t read the piece yet, but was the author…Greek? 😉

    Very ambitious. Not at all within my budget, but wonderful to think about.

    Think I’ll let Anthony Bourdain tackle some (O.K., most) of the traveling for me!

    I like your list. You’ve inspired me to think about actually blogging down mine!

  4. says

    Happy New Year and WOW for sharing your resolutions: love it!

    A few things:
    1. For a year my husband and I had date night every week. I kid you not, we were both in graduate school with toddlers and it absolutely carried us through the year. GREAT GOAL, I hope you succeed!

    2. If I would have known you were going to tackle F&W 100 list I would have boxed and sent you #09, the corn bread with scallions. It wasn’t bad but be generous with the baking soda. My own children thought I had added ‘too much flour’ (aka it was heavy and dense as opposed to light and airy). Fun way to cook bread, though, right in the skillet in the oven. (Let me know how yours turns out).

    3. OMG try the [same magazine, Jan 07] F&W Malabar Spice-Crusted Hanger Steaks with Gingered Carrot Puree. It was AWESOME, passing the tastes of numerous palates, household wide. Oh, it is on page 104.

    4. Happy blogging—I look forward to reading more dine and dish in 2007!

  5. says

    Oh we have so many things in common in our "To Do in 2007" list. I only posted 6 things in mine online but I need to do so many of the things that are on yours as well.

    I will definately attempt to tackle this Food and Wine 100 Tastes to Try in 2007 with you – it looks amazing!

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