Subrban Mom Cool Tool of the Week

Just a quick product recommendation this morning, and then I’ll write a longer post about a new Food and Wine challenge I’m undertaking.

cupcakecourier.jpgIf you have a suburban mom on your gift list… one that is constantly volunteering to bring her yummy cupcakes to the church bake sale, the classroom parties, post soccer game celebrations, etc. you’ll want to make sure she gets one of these handy Cupcake Courier’s for Christmas. I love baking cupcakes, but transporting them has always been an issue. By the time you get them where they need to be, the yummy frosting is smooshed and sticking to the cursed saran wrap, the decorating that you worked so hard on is foiled, the wrappers are smudged with icing, and frankly, they are an absolute mess.

Imagine, carting your cupcakes around in a tiered cupcake courier!  Even better, imagine arriving at an event with all of your cupcakes in tact… not a drop of frosting smooshed. All of your cupcake making friends will be so jealous and will be begging you to tell them where you got this handy new gadget. It is a cupcake making, saran wrap swearing, mom’s dream.

Thank you to Hilary, over at Nosh with Me, for another great post that lead me to a great product!

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  1. CoreyAnn says

    Kristen –

    What a wonderful tool!!! I am going to order a couple of these. I also hate it when cupcakes get smooshed when trying to deliver them. I’ve seen cupcake holders that can only accommodate a dozen…but this one holds so many!

    Thanks, I appreciate this post!

  2. says

    hi kristen, i love your blog – so glad to find it! this cupcake courrier is something i must have, i always bring cupcakes to work but traveling with them is always so trecherous! frosting be damned!!

  3. says

    Corey Ann – Let me know when you get yours. It works so good!

    Hilary – Thanks again for the recommendation :)

    J – I’m so surprised that it took this long for this lovely gadget to be invented. It was needed so long ago!

    Aria – Thanks for the comment. If you make cupcakes often, this is definitely a must have product!

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