Sing…sing a song… sing it LOUD

Jacob’s preschool Christmas program was last night. What can I say? It was adorable, as are all little kids music programs. It was very short (25 minutes) and was all singing. Jacob was one of the three Kings. He got to walk in  after the rest of the class was on stage and made a grand entrance. He took his role very seriously. He kept practicing his walking all week long.

aking.jpgJacob did surprise me though. You see… if you don’t know Jacob very well, you would think that he was a shy kid. He doesn’t talk a lot (unless he’s at home) and he’s not the most outgoing guy in the world. He’s social, but isn’t an in your face kind of kid. Put him on a stage though, and you’ve got a completely different little boy. He was animated, engaging and loud. Yes… loud. You know those preschool programs where all the kids are singing, but usually one kids voice really stands out because they are singing so LOUD? That was our son. He felt the music (he’s quite the dancer) and sung his little heart out. Luckily, it was pretty much all on key. After the program was over, several parents commented on how well you could hear Jacob singing. He was just beaming with delight!

Last night was one of those moments that I hope is frozen in my memory forever. When he’s sixteen and playing his rap music extra loud, I can dream back to a happy place… the day’s where he sang to Jesus at the top of his lungs.

(You’ll have to excuse the picture… I took horrible pictures last night. I was running both the video camera and the digital camera at the same time, and apparently not doing a great job at either of them!)

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  1. Karen Beth says

    The picture didn’t show up on my computer so I couldn’t see it. :( However, I know it was adorable! Maybe Jacob will be your little Hollywood actor! Sounds like he has it in him… :)

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