Please…no more cookies!

cinnamonrolls.jpgOur Santa decided several years ago that by this time in the holiday season, he is up to his ears with cookies. If he has to gobble down one more thumbprint, chocolate chip, shortbread, snickerdoodle, sugar cookie, etc. he’ll turn into a cookie himself. You see, Santa’s wife is a little obsessed with baking. She’s obsessed with baking in December and is obsessed with baking the 11 other months as well. Santa just wants a cookie break. As much as the thought behind giving him cookies is appreciated, he is thankful when alternatives are sought out. I’ve heard that Santa is a meat and potatoes kind of guy, but a nice steak just didn’t seem like an appropriate thing to leave out for him. For this reason, our Santa Clause receives yummy, gooey, warm from the oven Cinnamon Rolls every Christmas. This works out as an advantage for our family too. Santa gets a tasty treat (something other than cookies) when he delivers the presents and we have a nice breakfast all ready for us on Christmas morning. To make things even easier on me, I use a Cinnamon Roll recipe that utilizes the bread machine. Talk about easy!

If Santa comes to your house each year, what do you leave him as a snack?

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  1. says

    Cinnamon rolls are a tradition in my family as well–it used to kill me as a kid–my parents would insist that everyone had a cinnamon roll before we could start opening presents. And of course, all the adults had to have their coffee too, which as a kid is torture!!

  2. says

    What a fun tradition! We were never big on leaving cookies although I do remember doing that some. I may have to make some cinnamon rolls while I’m home this next week. I know my dad would enjoy that!

  3. says

    Kristen, as much as I love cookies – and had a wonderful time baking them this year, for the first time – I’d love to try these cinnamon rolls.
    I’ll be visiting my dad on Dec,25 and my younger sister (she’s 13) is crazy for cinnabons! I’ll "have" to bake these. ;D

  4. Kristen says

    Asha – you are quite welcome. They aren’t quite as gooey as Cinnabon’s, but a very good substitute.

    Erin – my son was the same way last year. He was so impatient while we were eating. I think this year we may let him open presents first. We’ll see!

    Janelle – It’s on the way :)

    Jann – Happy Holidays to you as well. Enjoy the season!

    Claire – I grew up leaving cookies, milk and carrots (for Rudolph and the reindeer). It’s interesting to see what other’s traditions are. Enjoy your cinnamon rolls if you make them.

    Patricia – I was wondering how you felt about the whole cookie baking madness now that you’ve completed it. Will you do it again next year?

    Brilynn – I think there are a bunch of humans turned cookies walking around these days. Cookies are everywhere!

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