Party #2 – Golden Globes Girls Night Out

The e-vites for my January party just went out. It will be a ladies only, Golden Globe party on January 15th. I’ve always wanted to do some kind of party surrounding the Hollywood award shows, but I always seem to think about it after the fact and completely miss the boat.golden.jpg

Not this year…I’m on the ball! The 2007 Golden Globe nominations were just announced, and my invitations just went out. It’s going to be a Hollywood appetizer and schmancy desserts party. I’m really excited about the planning process for this one. I think I can do a lot of fun things to fit with the theme.

One thing I told all the ladies to do was to bring a roll of quarters. I will send out the ballot to everyone via mail when I get the RSVP’s. Everyone will come with their completed ballot. With each nomination category, we will all put a quarter in the champagne glass. The lady or ladies that guess the winner will get/split the pot. E-Vite also had a Golden Globes Bingo game, which looks like fun as well!

If you have ideas, recipes, anything to share with me that will help to make this party a success, please let me know. Since I am not Martha and lack that creative gene, any of your grand ideas would be appreciated.


One week ago today I dined on Cinnamon Sugar Cookies


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  1. says

    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. I hope your mom enjoys the lemon tea cake.
    That’s a mighty challenge you’re taking up to try 100 tastes even without the restaurants you won’t be getting to but it should also be great fun and very expansive.
    Your place cards look great – don’t be Martha, you’re doing very well being yourself.

  2. Karen Beth says

    That is such an awesome idea, Kristen! You are really running with this entertaining goal! Neato! I will think of some neat things you can do for the Awards party. What will the dress code be??

  3. says

    Hi Kristen,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am SO in awe of you in MANY way…just a few years older than I am – with 3 kids and a beautiful family and more than one beautiful blog!

    I literally cannot keep a houseplant alive, so I kiss and spoil my new nephew and friends kids and bask in the quiet peace of my own condo and a big glass of wine. Someday maybe..

    Your party sounds fabulous! How about a make-your-own martini theme where you have glasses, ingredients and little recipe cards for everyone to get creative. Buy lots of random fun glasses at discount stores and that way you can tell each glass from the other, and everyone can take their glass and recipe cards home with them as a party favor. If not everyone drinks alcohol, it still is a great idea with juices, sodas, mixers, garnishes, etc.

    To go with the theme, make bite-sized hors d’ouevres and aim to make room temperature ok recipes to cut down on prep. Make truffles a day or so ahead for a glamorous and easy dessert.

    Have fun!

  4. says

    My girlfriends do this evey year-well,almost-they are a hoot! They get all dressed up-long dresses or cocktail ones they find from 2nd hand shoppes.They throw on scads of costume jewelry-you would think they were royalty! Have fun!!

  5. says

    This sounds like so much fun. I wish I lived near you and could come! Everyone should have an acceptance speech prepared for the awards you will be giving out, of course 😉

  6. Kristen says

    MKoHC – It is quite a challenge, isn’t it? We’ll see how I do. I’m going to try my hardest to complete it!

    KB – I thought about having a formal theme, but you know what… just regular everyday clothes might end up being what we do. We’re all mom’s, so getting all dressed up and fancy wold be just one extra thing to fret about. It would be so much fun though!

    Kirsten – I LOVE your idea about the martini’s. I am going to do that for sure! That’s a great idea… thanks for the tip and thanks for the kind comments!

    Kate – I’ll be e-mailing you!

    Jann- I have wanted to have this type of party for so long now. I’m sure it will be fun. Do you go to one as well?

    Jody – I wish you lived closer too! It would be a blast to have all the YCDI gals close so that everyone could come :)

  7. says

    What a cute idea – I love the roll of quarters. And it’s so funny that you say you’re not Martha – I was just thinking from the dinner party post that the centerpiece looked so much like one in Martha Stewart Living! You’re totally creative. :)

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