Next time, we’re drinking!

My friend Angie came over yesterday to make our annual cookie plates. Several people who make cookie and goodie trays for friends and neighbors during the holiday’s spread it out over the course of several days. Not Angie and I. We decided this year that we would knock it all out in one afternoon. Now, I’ve come to the conclusion that we are crazy. When we have participated in this tradition in the past, we didn’t have this many kids. Yesterday it was Angie, myself, my 3 children, and her 3 children. Picture this… 6 kids under the age of 4 and the mom’s attempting to actually get stuff done.

We made a double batch of chocolate peanut butter star cookies, santa’s surprise cookies, haystacks, gingerbreadFoodPics041.jpg men and cut out sugar cookies with royal icing. We had planned on decorating our cut out cookies, but in the end decided just to frost and sprinkle. All of the goodies turned out beautifully, but Angie and I were completely spent by the time we were done. Between baking, caring for all 6 of the kids, nursing a huge headache from our party the evening before and cleaning up, we were quickly running out of holiday cheer.

Here’s our plan for next year… the dad’s are going to take the kids to one house while Angie and I spend the day doing our baking at the other house. We’ve also decided to add some margarita’s or hot chocolate and Bailey’s into the tradition. That should keep the holiday cheer churning right along.

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  1. says

    Kristen, I love the way you write – I could even imagine two women running around the house between the oven and the children… ;D

    I think you do need to add an alcoholic sparkle to your Xmas baking days.

    I baked some cookies last Sunday and boy, was I tired or what? It was my first cookie baking day, since this is not a tradition here in Brazil. I have to say I loved doing it (despite being crushed and dying to stay on my couch for hours afterwards). I’ll check these recipes you mentioned.

    your cookies look gorgeous.

  2. says

    Your cookies look perfect to me! I don’t see any shortcuts. We are probably going to buy ours in a mix, eat half of them before they go in the oven, and ice them as we put them in our mouths. And we don’t even have kids.

    I do recommend the "buzzed baking." It is essential!


  3. says

    Yeah! I love knowing cookies are being baked all over the blogosphere! I just made snowball cookies and am about to embark on peppermint bark…

    GREAT idea on the once a month dinner party. I try to aim for that but usually fall a little short. Time to prioritize!

  4. says

    I have always believed that cookies are great, but cookies and licquer? EVEN BETTER! My favorite combo is gingerbread cookies served with coffee and baileys.

  5. Karen Beth says

    I really CANNOT believe that you got ALL that done with SIX kids running around! Wow! But the end result looks great – especially those gingerbread men. They are adorable! Love the idea for next year… how do the Dad’s feel about it?! 😉 Try peppermint schnapps in your hot chocolate. It is DIVINE!

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