Mommy Brain

After searching and searching all morning for my camera, I just found my camera in the refrigerator and the cream cheese where I keep the camera, up by my desk. It’s official… I’m losing it!

My friends call this “Mommy Brain” which is connected to losing brain cells after you have children. Sure… I’ll say that is my excuse. Sounds like a good one, and one that hopefully won’t require any serious medical intervention. Professionals say that “Children challenge parent’s mental resources.” Really?? Who would have guessed that <insert heavy sarcasm>. I would say that’s a very polite way of saying that once you have children, your mind goes to mush. You might as well welcome and embrace the phenomenon known as “Mommy Brain”.

Does this mean when my kids are grown and out of the house I’ll return to my previous smart, witty, put together self?  Will I still find my bread in the clothes dryer and my clothes in the oven? Will I continue to be mindless and forgetful without a diagnosed medical excuse? Will I ever be able to remember the name of all 50 states in alphabetical order again? I guess only time will tell. In the meantime, I’ll find the nearest “Mommy Brain” support group where I’ll hopefully feel accepted by more people just like me.


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  1. says

    If it makes you feel better, I have been switching the cereal and milk since I was a teenager. And – I have no children! It’s just a preoccupied mind, which you obviously have :)

  2. Karen Beth says

    The ONLY way I’ve ever been able to name all fifty states in alphabetical order is to a cute tune that I learned in fourth grade. Hmmm… And I DON’T have kids! You will be fine… I think you are brilliant. :)

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