Just “Deglegate” it.

Kids are so funny sometimes, aren’t they? Today we were in the car and we passed a house that was being built. There was a man standing on the roof of the house. Jacob said “I’m never going to stand on the roof of a house. Even when I’m an engineer, I won’t do it. I’ll “deglegate” that to my team. I’ll still build part of the house, but I’ll stop to take a drink of water and then get back to work.”

On another note, little Ella has been sick. I spent most of the evening at Children’s Mercy urgent care with her last night. She was running a fever of 104 degrees. Today her fever with Motrin has been 101 degrees and without Motrin it shoots right back up to 104 degrees. Supposedly there is some kind of viral thing going around that just causes really high fevers. If she’s still running a high fever tonight, I’m supposed to take her back in. It seems like everytime we are supposed to be heading out of town, one of the kids gets sick.

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    Sorry about Ella, dear. I have had a fever for 2 weeks now, it is a strange virus. The moment I feel better, I go back to normal activities and boom, the fever is back again. I hope you are able to enjoy your holidays regardless and Ella feels better soon. Happy Holidays.

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    I’m sorry to hear about your little girl. I hope that it is a quick bug and she’ll recover in time to rip paper off of presents.

    I did laugh out loud at your sons comments, sounds like he has management down!

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