Hugs are still cool

I’m having a weepy, emotional kind of day. (Yes, mom, it’s that time of the month). Jacob’s last day of preschool before the holiday break was today. It dawned on me that preschool is now officially half way over and we are that much closer to Kindergarten. Jacob’s ready for Kindergarten… I know he’ll love it. In a way, I’m ready for Kindergarten because I do know he’ll love it. What I’m not ready for is him to walk through that school door, me to blink, and next thing I know we’ll be at his high school graduation. The past 5 years since his birth has gone by in the blink of an eye. I want time to stand still.hugs.jpg

When I walked Jacob into school today, he ran to put his backpack and coat on the hook, then he ran into his classroom, completely forgetting the typical hug and kiss he always gives me. Right before he got seated, it must have dawned on him that he hadn’t said goodbye because he looked at me and yelled “MOM!!! I forgot to give you a hug and a kiss!” So, he ran back to me, I scooped him up in my arms, gave him a huge hug and kiss, told him I loved him, and sent him on to start his day. In preschool, hugs and kisses from mom is still cool. I wonder when it becomes the un-cool thing to hug your mom goodbye. I don’t want that day to come.

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  1. Karen Beth says

    Well, my nephew is eleven and it is totally uncool to do it in front of friends but he does other things that are equivalent – he thinks and we adjust to. He will look back extra times after you drop him off or he will wave shyly or he will ask you to watch him do things more times than normal or he will ask you for help with something he really doesn’t need help with. It is different – painfully different – but it is HIS way of morphing that pre-school hug into what fits him now. Does that make sense? It is hard but also, very beautiful. Big hugs to you, my dear. :)

  2. pat/mom says

    Mike still gives me a hug when we leave…but there was a time when it wasn’t cool. Just remember that as children get older, it does become cool again. Hold all these precious things in your heart and pull them out when you need them. Love, Mom. PS And love to you, too, Kathy.

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