DIY Centerpiece

The centerpiece for this party should be something I can mark off my to do list pretty quickly. I went to a DIY website and found a couple of ideas. One thing I was thinking of doing was this…

photo.jpgI have a gorgeous Trifle bowl (the picture is the only one of it I could find). I thought that it would be nice if I filled the trifle bowl with some red and silver ornaments. Simple, festive and beautiful. I thought that I might lay some evergreen around the stem of the bowl as well. The DIY website suggested using a pedestal bowl, but don’t you think a Trifle bowl will work just as fine?

We have a nice holiday tablecloth, holiday dishes, holiday napkins, etc. I’m still looking for some holiday stem ware, but I may just use what we have in the interest of space and budget.

As an added special touch, I think I’ll make some holiday related place cards. I was thinking of doing these 3D Holiday Place Cards. They would be so simple to do and would add a festive touch to the table setting.

It’s all coming together! I have a few things left to do, including finding the perfect appetizer recipe to make for the evening.

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