Confession: I’m in love with the UPS man

Why does the UPS man always come during nap time? Why does he always have to be all crazy and ring the doorbell multiple times like a toddler with a new toy? Surely he knows that it’s naptime for the kiddo’s in suburbia. Is he trying to disturb their peaceful slumbers on purpose, which in turn ruins Mommy’s precious moments of quiet? Do you know why he can get away with it? Do you know why Iwinejournal.jpg choose to forgive him, time after time? Because the guy in brown is always bearing goodies of some sort. Yes… I know he didn’t buy me anything. I know he isn’t out spending his hard earned cash on things for me, however, he is the one to bring me my anxiously anticipated items that I’ve purchased online. He is the one who delivers all of my presents… the gifts that are typically presents to me. As a mom of three kids who doesn’t dare go to the mall without an army of adults in tow, online shopping is my haven. The UPS man delivering the goods is just about as lovely as having your very own cabana boy bringing you umbrella drinks on a sunny day by the pool (and since I’m fantasizing, I might as well throw in that I’m wearing a gorgeous swimsuit and don’t have an ounce of cellulite or stretch marks to show). Yes – I am in love with the UPS man. My heart pitter patters when I hear the roar of the big brown truck heading down our street.

Alas, I’ve digressed. The reason I originally came on here to post is that the UPS man just paid a visit. We went through our typical routine. He rang the doorbell, I cursed under my breath, opened the door and at the site of his brown uniformed arms full of goodies, I instantly forgave him. For today, the UPS man brought me something I am very excited about…

dinnerpartyjournal.jpgLast week, Amy over at Sillypants referred me to the website of Pamela Barsky. As someone who loves online shopping, I couldn’t help but browse her huge selection of handmade journals.  I immediately fell in love with the wine journal and the dinner party journal. Being the compulsive shopper that I am, I consulted myself and upon agreement with myself, I made the purchase. They just arrived and are as lovely in person as they are on her site! I can’t wait to begin using them. In fact, I may just have to open a bottle of wine right now so that I can make my first entry in the wine journal!

If you are looking for some neat gifts, head over to Pamela’s website. If you are looking to do some serious shopping so you can see more of your UPS man, take a look at her favorite links… oh my!

Oh – and don’t worry about my marriage. I promise I won’t be running off with the UPS man anytime soon. I’ll leave that to  Lynn Jennings.

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  1. Karen Beth says

    Cute journals, Kristen! I love to read your daily blog entries! They are so well-written and thoughtful and FUNNY! You are a delight! :)

  2. Kristen says

    I need to clarify…
    our UPS man is NOT attractive. Really not attractive, however I love that he brings me goodies and never asks for anything in return, except occassionally an autograph :) lol!

  3. says

    I am not fond of my UPS man. He seems to always come when I am away and leaves little notes all over my complex door so then the whole building knows of our affair.

  4. says

    I was working at an old job where our UPS man was just some average guy, y’know, like they all are….when one day there was a sub, and when he walked in the office and said "UPS" I turned around as usual to say "Hello Jack" and lo and behold, the man standing there was so stinkin’ handsome you could have knocked me over with a feather. I could hardly even speak! I stammered, stuttered and eventually giggled my way through the exchange (which was 9 boxes from the invoice supply company) Criminy, I acted like a total fool! I will never forget that.

    Ahhh…the memories

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