A Rare Moment of Quiet

asickbaby.jpgI’m home alone. Well, almost alone. Ella is upstairs asleep in her bed and I pretty much have the house to myself. It’s quiet… almost too quiet, but I’m  not complaining.

Ella went back to the doctor this afternoon after running a fever of 103+ for 4 days straight. It turns out that she now has RSV and a double ear infection. No wonder the little pumpkin has been so miserable. They didn’t test her for RSV on Wednesday night when I took her to Children’s Mercy, but they did check her ears then and she was fine. Ear infections apparently can develop rather quickly because the infections were pretty advanced by this afternoon.

Nick made an executive decision to go on to Iowa without us. Jacob and Kelly were dying to go, and it doesn’t make sense for them to have to miss Christmas with the family just because the baby is sick. I’m disappointed and sad not to be there but I’m also looking forward to some peaceful time in our home alone. I have a list of things I’d like to get done while the kids are gone.

  • Go through all of the toys and make a Goodwill donation
  • Clean out the pantry
  • Do a menu plan for January
  • Budget on www.mvelopes.com
  • Wrap Christmas gifts
  • Catch up on TiVo and Magazines
  • Read, read, and read some more

I’m sure that by tomorrow at this time I’ll be lonely and ready for my family to return home. In the meantime, I’m going to try and enjoy this gift of peace and quiet… at least until the baby wakes up again.

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  1. says

    I was just browing your family blog for the first time and thought I’d leave a comment. My little guy has been running a fever for the past 3 days as well. Isn’t it horrible?

  2. says

    I hope Ella is a LOT better by now! I have been sending good vibes her way.

    Did you get all of the items on your list done? What did you read while you had your quiet time?

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