Ice Storm

It’s 5:02 pm on Wednesday evening. I’m looking out the window watching the traffic creep by on the icy roads. Ice… one of the things I don’t like about Kansas. Snow is one thing, rain is another, but ice storms are a completely different beast.

Am I worried about the drivers? Yes. Am I concerned about people slipping and falling? Yes. However, the real reason my stomach is churning about the ice coming down is that you can bet that school will be cancelled.

Now, please don’t get me wrong… I love my son. I love his energy, his determination, his personality… but on some days I can only take all of that enthusiasm in small doses, and today is one of those days! He is driving me absolutely insane. He loves school…. he needs school and on the days that he doesn’t go to school he is an absolute beast of a kid. He runs around like a crazy guy, playing football, running into walls, waking up his sister’s from their naps, etc.

So yes, drivers, I’m praying that you make it home safely. I’m praying that there aren’t any accidents on the road and that shoppers have steady feet when out on the sidewalk. I am also praying that somehow a heat wave comes through between now and school time so that my cooped up son can get out of the house and share his energy and enthusiasm with someone else!

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