Christmas Party – Scheduled for December 16th!

Our goal is beginning earlier than 2007. We are hosting a Christmas dinner party on December 16th with 3 other couples at our home. The kids will all be at a friends house being taken care of by a babysitter, so it will be an adult’s only night.

I think we are going to make some sort of pork loin… I’m off to Recipezaar to look for recipes. Everyone is going to bring something, so all the food won’t be my responsibility. I will be making an appetizer, the meat and the bread. I’ll post here when I decide what recipes to use and what finishing touches I’ll need to make this dinner party a big success.

Things to do:

  • Find recipes
  • Find or create pretty tabble runner or centerpiece
  • Create holiday playlist for my IPod
  • Find games to play
  • Purchase small gifts for each couple attending
  • Plan drink menu

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  1. Karen Beth says

    Christmas Queen here… :) I know of a TON of great Christmas holiday songs if you need any suggestions there. Can’t help much in the way of pork loin recipes but the music… I’m your gal! :)

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