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Inspiration {Recipe: Hash Brown Avocado Breakfast Wrap}

A tasty breakfast wrap featuring California Avocado slices and a hash brown patty.

Hash Brown Avocado Breakfast Wrap from dineanddish.net

Inspiration strikes in the strangest of places sometimes. I’m one of those people who always keeps a notebook and pen by my bed because I can write the absolute best blog posts in my sleep. When I wake up I try to remember what my blog post idea was and jot it down in a notebook. Of course, what I wrote in my dreams is never as good as what I end up putting down on paper.

My second most popular place for inspiration is the shower.  Seriously, the one place I am during the day without pen and paper is the one place my most genius ideas pop up.  99% of the time my mushy brain can’t remember my genius idea by the time my shower is over.  (Funny story… my old boss used to have dry erase markers in his shower and would write things down on the shower door when inspiration would strike! He’d also always write on his car windows when he’d be stuck in traffic. Random.)

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Milkshakes!!! {Recipe: Honey Almond Milkshake}


Ice cream, honey and Diamond brand sliced almonds come together to make a milkshake flavor that will surely become a favorite!
Honey Almond Milkshake Recipe from dineanddish.net

 I am such a follower…

Did you see all the Milkshake Week posts last week all over the internet? My friends Julie and Lindsay hosted a week long event dedicated to milkshakes. I wasn’t able to participate because I had too much going on that week, but boy was I influenced! Every single night after seeing milkshake after milkshake, I was craving milkshakes like crazy!  [Continue reading]

The Happiness Report #29 Celebrity Edition

The Happiness Report Hollywood EditionI’ve been meaning to sit down and write this happiness report out for a few weeks now. It’s a good one :) I’ll start out by saying it includes meeting and touching Adam Levine, being in a Jimmy Kimmel selfie, hugging and chatting with Scott Foley and Josh Malina and more! I’m calling it the Happiness Report – Celebrity Edition! (This is the longest post, ever…but I’m writing it all out for posterity so that when I’m old and gray I can remember this great three days!)

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It’s THE Cocktail of the Summer!

Big Ginger Float Cocktail - the perfect summer sipper from dineanddish.net

Every summer I set out to determine what my "signature summer sipper" is going to be. I don't drink cocktails a lot, but when I do and it's summer, I want something cool, light and refreshing. One unfortunate summer my summer drink was Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea and Lemonade. Have you ever had that? So good, right? Too good... and I think by early June I had learned just how good it was and how easy it went down and drank just a tad bit too much on a fun neighborhood night. Let's just say, that night my friend Sara and I ended up out on a trampoline at 2am getting and giving the scoop on life to our college bound neighbors. I think that was the end of the Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea concoction for that summer.  … [Continue reading]

Our Space {Recipe: Garden Vegetable Roasted Chicken}

Garden Vegetable Roasted Chicken Recipe from dineanddish.net

I'll admit it... I have been completely and totally uninspired lately. I've lacked interest in cooking and photographing and even writing... nothing blog wise has been giving me that spark. Personally, I've been  having a blast with my kids and enjoying the heck out of summer, but when it comes to the "should dos" versus "want to dos" the "want to dos" are definitely winning. I've felt guilt though... I love my blog and sharing recipes and life moments with you all. I should WANT to come here often and cooking has always been a passion of mine...but instead of cooking and blogging, we've been eating out all the time or eating quickly thrown together, just get it done, meals. It became very apparent to me recently that I needed to find that spark of inspiration again and luckily the stroke of inspiration came... thanks to Zombies and a baker named Joy, of all things! … [Continue reading]